How to be a member

The association shall be a federal body and as such its membership is open to all students of architecture as defined in article 3 of its constitution.

All new applications for membership shall be addressed to the headquarters of the association situated at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi . They shall be placed on a waiting list and will be admitted as members only after due scrutiny by the executive committee and on first-come first-serve basis.

A registration fee of Rs.22500/- is payable to the association at the time of admission, accompanied by a copy of the certificate of recognition awarded to the unit by council architecture.

Applicants, applying for membership should not be a member of any other architectural student’s organization in India .

Membership to new college

Restricted to six colleges per year.

The college should have been observers at a minimum of two consecutive annual conventions/ zonal conventions.

After two years of observer status the college will participate at least in a minimum of three trophies (Participating for the Reubens Trophy compulsory) which will be judged by the jury panel and the executive committee members. Depending on the standard of the work the status of college shall be decided.

The unit secretary should have had attended all the council meetings in the term preceding the term in which the college seeks membership.

The college must have at least a fourth year batch.

Membership is to be issued on first-come first-serve basis provided the necessary documents are furnished to the Executive Coordinator before at the first council meet.

All memberships would be granted at first council meet and pre-convention meet.

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