Louis I Kahn Trophy

The Louis I. Kahn Trophy (commonly referred to as LIK Trophy) was established in 1981 by the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation, Sri B V Doshi and family. UNESCO New Delhi office, through IHCN, has been providing technical advice in the organization of the LIK Trophy since 2007. This collaboration between UNESCO and NASA has been fostered to improve the quality of architectural education in the context of the historic environment, and the legacy of knowledge, skills and training required to better protect and conserve this heritage. Through joint activities, the parties wish to increase the awareness of India’s rich, diverse and unprotected historic environments.


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Results from 55th Annual NASA Convention


1. Z220: L.S.Raheja School of Architecture

2. Z211: Indian Education Society’s College of Architecture

Special Mention

1. Z214: Faculty of Architecture, Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology

2. Z103: Chandigarh College of Architecture

3. Z518: The University School of Design, Mysore


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